How can you benefit from naturopathic care?

People with both acute and chronic conditions can benefit from naturopathic care. Across the lifespan from the infants to the elderly, as primary healthcare or alongside the traditional medical care.

People who are in a reasonably good health and wish to preserve or further improve their wellbeing.

People who want to prevent health issues associated with ageing, such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimers, cancer, etc

People who are suffering from chronic illness and wish to manage it naturally to avoid side effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs (this is only an option for non life-threatening conditions).

People who are under a lot of stress and feel their health and wellbeing is adversely effected.

People who suffer from fatigue and low energy, for which no conventional medical explanation can be found.

People who are under conventional medical care and feel they would benefit from complementary holistic care.

People who have been diagnosed with conditions, which conventional medicine has no curative options for.

Couples who are planning a pregnancy and wish to ensure optimal health for the baby.