If you’re suffering from any of the conditions listed below, naturopathic medicine is likely to alleviate or improve your health problems.

Women’s health:

– PMS, painful periods, PCOS, Endometriosis, Menopause etc

Babies’ and children’s health:

– eczema,

– asthma,

– chronic infections (respiratory, ear infections, etc),

– digestive disturbances, colic, etc

Men’s health:

– Prostate problems,

– andropause,

– fertility issues


– preconception care, as well as infertility, as well as IVF support where required

Cancer support:

– Cancer prevention and risk reduction,

– recurrence prevention after the primary treatment is completed,

– side effect management during primary treatment

Diabetes and Metabolic syndrome

Skin problems

– acne

– dermatitis

– eczema

– psoriasis

Weight management


Cardiovascular risk reduction

Digestive problems:

– IBS,

– Crohn’s disease,

– Ulcerative colitis,


– indigestion,

– reflux etc

Thyroid and Metabolism problems

General Wellness