Naturopathic medicine is a system of healthcare, which is individualised and holistic. In other words, a naturopathic practitioner considers each patient’s unique presentation and pieces together all the factors, which lead to ill health.

In order to get to the causes of the problem, a naturopathic practitioner will take a thorough health history, as well as employ a number of diagnostic techniques from physical examination to laboratory testing where necessary.

It’s only when obstacles to wellness are removed (typically poor diet or lifestyle choices, inability to manage stress, etc) that a naturopathic practitioner can work together with the patient to restore health. The tools employed by a naturopath include herbal medicine (liquid extracts or tablets), nutritional medicine (food as medicine or nutritional supplements) and lifestyle counselling.

Naturopathic medicine is safe and effective. It’s backed up by both scientific evidence and thousands of years of traditional knowledge. Naturopaths work alongside other health professionals, such as medical doctors and allied health practitioners, to improve health outcomes of their patients.