What I’ve learned about weight loss.

weight-loss-opener-rawWhy do we care about weight loss?

As a naturopath, I see a lot of patients who need help with weight management. After all, it’s no secret that our country is significantly overweight. It’s also well known, that being overweight is a contributing factor to many health problems, from cardio-vascular, to endocrine, to musculo-skeletal, and many others.


Apart from health, the weight loss industry is marketing driven. Fit into THAT dress, look hot in a bikini, look like THAT girl, etc.


And then, of course, there is the underlying all-permeating assumption that if you’re overweight, you must be a lazy unmotivated couch potato, who eats crap and watches TV a lot.


I am a naturopath. I eat a very clean diet. And I exercise. But I’m overweight.

I’ve always had some extra weight. Those 5 kilos that every woman is always trying to lose. Then I quit smoking (becoming a naturopath I kinda had to) and had a baby, which landed me with 10 more. Which never went away.


One thing I didn’t do, which every other woman does is diet. I LIKE FOOD! And I know dieting doesn’t work. So I kept hoping one day it’ll just fall off somehow. I am active, and I eat well, right? Well it didn’t.


So I decided to investigate. For a few months I’ve researched the hell out of weight loss. It was around the time I finished my Masters and was having research withdrawals, so it worked well.


You might be thinking – what’s there to research? You eat less, exercise more, calories in less than calories out equals success, right? Turns out – not so much.

What I’ve learned about weight loss

Our bodies have an amazing capacity to adapt and adjust, and that extends to energy production and expenditure. Millions of years of evolution have resulted in a very efficient and adaptable system, which can learn to function just as well on less calories and switch on compensatory mechanism which will overide your will power, your resoning skills, your rational mind and every trick you put in place, to get your caloric intake back up. And then you end up with MORE fat than what you started out with. If you’re fighting millions of years of evolution, what are your chances?


And then there are lots of other factors that affect how we store / lose fat. Some of them include:


  • Genetics / epigenetics
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Brain imbalances (neurotransmitters: cravings, satisfaction, satiety)
  • Stress response – stress hormones
  • History of trauma / abuse
  • Muscle and fat metabolism
  • Cellular nutrition
  • Microbiome
  • Toxicity
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction


It’s too much to explain in one go, so I won’t go into it all now. What I’m trying to say is: Weight loss is NOT SIMPLE!! If it was – we would all be skinny.


Since I’ve learned all of that, I realised that there is not, and cannot be, a one size fits all approach to fat loss. So I got a group of brave souls together to try out my new program, and most of us did really well! I myself have lost 5 kilos, other girls lost between 5 and 16 kilos in the 8 weeks. Then I ran another group, learned some more, made some mistakes, learned from them, and now I am ready to unleash my baby onto the unsuspecting public.


SO! A little about the weight loss program:


Naturopathic wholistic individualised weight loss program, based on your health history, your blood test results, your metabolic individuality, your needs. Program is adjusted as we go, as your needs change, as we learn more about your individual responses, so you end not only thinner, but healthier and with more knowledge and understanding about YOUR body. No shakes or meal replacements, only natural healthy foods! You will not be hungry at any point. No strenuous exercise is required.


Weight loss program includes:


1. An initial consultation (in clinic or Skype / phone) = value $140

2. Follow up consultation discussing test results = value $75

3. Individualised program preparation and follow up discussion = value $75

4. Weekly catch ups / weigh ins = value 8 x 40 = $320

5. Weekly webinars educating you on what factors contribute to weight loss and how to deal with various pitfalls = value $200

6. A support group on Facebook to share recipes, tips, ask for help or share a whinge = priceless!


The cost of the program is $495, but until the 1st of Feb it’s 20% off so it’s yours for $397!! 


I may also recommend supplements to correct a deficiency or an imbalance, those need to be purchased separately.

If you have private health insurance that covers naturopathy – you can get rebates!



If you fit the following criteria:


  1. You have actual excess weight (medically speaking)
  2. You are prepared to committ to the program and will do what I tell you to do (I promise it’s not hard, I won’t ask you to do anything I am not prepared to do myself)
  3. You’re not pregnant or breastfeeding a baby under 12 months


I want you in my group. Hit this link NOW and join today, since for the next week it’s 20% off, and since places are STRICTLY limited.


Because of the amount of work involved in preparing every program and consulting with each individual person, I can only take on 15 people per round.


PS: I found it’s very detrimental to the group dynamic if people don’t participate and don’t follow the rules. So please, only enroll if you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE you want to lose weight.